Part –1 Miracles

Being a Saint he always becomes unrest with other’s misery and sadness and with his blessing he had done miracles in people’s life, few of them I have mentioned below:

1.       Saving Ramsanehi—in 1954 on next day of Shivratri on Sita Ghat the girl Ramsanehi slipped into Ganga river, than sarkarji requested Gangaji that please save the child otherwise he will not stay at ganga ghat, Ganga river thrown the girl on the ghat.

2.       Grandson to Jairam Singh—Jairamji consulted all the doctors for his son and daughter in law but everybody told that due to medical reasons it is not possible to conceive than he approached to Guruji and asked for some remedy, Guruji Suggested that if the whole family do 11 times Nava Parayan of Tulsi Ramayan may God bless you, within one year Jairam Singh had his grandson.

3.       Paliwal help—Ramnarayan paliwal of Jaulan distt. Received threatening letter from the pirates for money, paliwalji asked Guruji and Guruji gave him Manas chaupai to recite as many times as possible and by the grace of God, when pirates try to enter the house they are not able to do that due to some miracle whosever try to go inside he would lost his eyesight.

There are number of examples where people approached to Guruji for the solution and he always told them if you will do the Chaupai  and ramayan, may god will help you.


Part—2 Remedies:

Guruji believes that solution for all the misery and problems lies in Ramcharit Manas, therefore whenever people approached Guruji, he always give chaupai to them and tell them that try to recite as many times as possible or ramayan reading and  try to follow the way of truth and honesty, for example for the purpose of your career or business advancement people can recite the following chaupai:



Same way for all your problems there are chaupai available to you. In case any one interested he can send the problem in details and we can advise you which chaupai you should do. Rest on God….JAI SHREE RAM

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